The internet flows like a river

It is subject to constant changes and content needs continuous adjustment.

EIDOS Communication WordPress Agency

Investments done in the past keep their value, we take over the existing content of your website to transparent costs

Ensure your competitive advantage through technological adaptation

by publishing your corporate dynamics through a adequate dynamic and scalable website

EIDOS Communication Agency for WordPress using Elegant Themes.
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  1. former Investments retain their value because we include the existing content of your website
  2. stay at the competitive edge by the means of technological adaptation
  3. promote your business dynamics through an adequate, dynamic and scalable website

EIDOS Communication Services:

Photography and retouching
Industrial Design and 3D
Corporate Design NEC
Corporate Presentation NEC
Project Planning ABB
Book production “1,100 years of Himmelgeist”
WordPress websites realized with Elegant Themes

e-commerce • Web shop interface to ERP systems • programming of online advertising campaigns

Implementation of Microsoft’s ERP system “Navision” as well as Business Intelligence “QlikView BI” by Qlik©

The symbiosis of 30 years experience in hardcoded programming, mathematically rational thinking, knowledge of ERP and the resulting knowledge of internal corporate contexts, combined with the creativity of the industrial designer are our assets for you.

Photography & Retouching

Architecture, Industry, Arts product, Still life.

As lithographers we master the entire spectrum of digital image retouching, photo composing and cropping/masking for providing images, ready for use within websites.

Our color calibrated production equipment guarantees results of professional quality.

Industriedesign & 3D

NEC Supercomputer
Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf for DUS Airport
ABB workplace for showbooths
ABB VM1 Hannover Fair
M • M • Fragrance Group presentation book with scent generator
Parfum flacon made of aluminum and ceramic
Simulation of harbor highriser in Bremen

Corporate Identity & Corporate Design

These are two interacting disciplines for us. Regardless of company size, whether small business, medium-sized companies or industry, the CI constitutes the identity of the company with ist konsistent activities, communication as well as the visual appearance of a unified whole. This is how we arrive at a stabile perception with its unique character.

Our concept is illustrated by the example of NEC High Performance Computing Europe GmbH.

Company Presentation

This interactive company presentation is based on the company brochure, with interactive control by the pictograms we have developed for NEC.

These are used in corporate communication as a signpost.

Project planning of 2,000 square meters

Showbooth at Interkama Duesseldorf
Design, 3D Design, 4D animation
providing CAD data for all manufacturing companies involved
4 animation films on the theme:

Book production „1100 years of Himmelgeist“

The questions was: let’s create a leaflet, or rather a book?
It became a book. 9 months production, like a pregnancy, giving credit to a 1,100 years old history.
As opener the first document from the Church Archives “in the year of the Inkarnation 904” our research covered more than 1,100 years of local history. Broken up by “Dönekes” anecdotes in Duesseldorf’s Dialekt, we were driven by the ambition to master this contemporary documentation.

All photos and texts were done by Klaus Hackert (Journalist) and myself, ending up at the „Heidelberger 5 color offset“ supervising the production step by step.

2007 oldie? No – timeless goldie

The Nose – Le Nez – Die Nase 

To make the website for the Senior Perfumer Frank M. Rittler, was a great honor.

The millionaires fair and the “enfleurage a froid traditionelle” were my inspiration for creating a special flacon made from pure gold with diamonds. The Nose and the Team of Pro 7 Galileo Experiment travelled to the “Musée des Miniatures” in Lyon before the movie “Das Parfum” was released. The Nose performed the “enfleurage a froid traditionelle” live at the original film set of the parfumer Guiseppe Baldini (Dustin Hoffmann).
The magnificent result was shown on Pro 7 prior to the start of the film.

e-commerce and web design since 1999

e-commerce for Garden & Patio FurnitureCushions with > 900 cushions. We provide the complete package including photography and retouching, research for 2500 Keywords divided into 11 product facets and building the appropriate online campaigns, resulting in a return rate below 2% due to true-color photos and perfectly detailed product descriptions.

Janina Lamberty – Designs for special customers and her own collections – Düsseldorf Königsallee

Naturopathic medicine Caston – is an example of an alternative approach to medicine. It is also optimized for mobile communications and regional search engine campaigns.

„Elektro Henkel“ highly qualified specialist for alarm and video systems as well as smart home technology, optimized for mobile communications and regional search engine campaigns.

Manufaktur Lappe Neuss – Draft for the award winner of “Innovationspreis der deutschen Druckindustrie” seven times in a row.